We Made Tray Tracking Easy.

Take the next step in tracking your surgical instrument inventory.

Maestro ABACUS Technology

Maestro tracks the complete instrument reprocessing cycle from Decontam to the patient.


Nimbl for iOS/Android is the industry’s first and only surgical inventory mobile application.


Dashboards give insight into department processing needs, productivity, and inventory status at a single glance.

We offer you the complete surgical tracking software so you can focus on taking the next step.

Designed and Developed in America

Besides being privately-owned and operated, our software products are designed, developed, and tested under the Grand Old Flag of the USA.

Proactive Support and Communication

From Remote Support Assistance to around the clock support, you will not find this type of client dedication anywhere else.

All-in-One Software + Hardware

Packaging CS/SPD-proven hardware with Maestro™ optimizes productivity and overall department workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your biggest differentiators?

Our three biggest differentiators are Maestro Priority™, Nimbl™ for iOS/Android, and our extensive department-data analytic work, which we teamed with IBM Watson Analytics™ to make even more user-friendly and answer packed.

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24-hour Support is standard with most software services. What does your Support Team do differently?

We’re focused on providing you with proactive support and communication that enables you to keep reprocessing on the right path. From 24/7 phone and email support to custom one-on-one training webinars, our Remote Support Assistance is a standout service providing your CS/SPD with remote desktop services, customized monitoring of department data, and more. Plus, our Continuous Post Go-Live Support assists with count sheet changes, global database changes, and more to keep your department running smoothly.

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What real-time features do you provide?

From machine-generated alerts to communication tools, our surgical tracking system is designed to provide you with real-time information wherever possible. Beginning in decontam, your techs can flag quick turnaround trays automatically updating you assembly priority schedule. Jump ahead to your assembly area, Maestro Priority™ is constantly updating your department’s priority schedule based on the surgical case schedule and instruments/trays entering into decontam (loaner drop-offs included). The Team Communication Suite tools communicate in real time ensuring the necessary people and teams read, acknowledge, and act on pertinent case and instrument information.

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