Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is tray tracking?

Surgical asset management, commonly called “tray tracking”, refers to software designed to manage hospital surgical inventory. To ensure inventory is sterile, complete and on-time for surgery, tray tracking addresses the critical need to locate, manage, and properly prepare inventory for cases. Before a set of trays arrive in the operating room for surgery, the Sterile Processing Department has already assembled, sterilized and grouped the inventory in a detailed processing flow all captured in our software.

Why Applied Logic?

For the past 20 years, we have been dedicated to raising the standards of patient care and surgical sterility through innovative, easy to use surgical management technology. Our innovated ‘No Keyboard/No Mouse’ technology and Exclusive Turn Key System empower our customer’s to improve perioperative processes through inventory data, reports and communication. As well, Customer Support by Applied Logic is unmatched throughout the surgical asset management industry. Our customers know our Support staff by name and can call day or night thanks to our 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support for every team member. We believe every hospital, no matter the bed count, can meet inventory standards of sterile, complete and on-time and we look forward to standing with your team to advance solutions for OR/SPD, together.

How is Applied Logic changing the industry?

Until the 1940s medical/surgical supplies did not have dedicated departments to ensure instrument sterilization. As John J. Perkins states sterilization processing was “everybody’s business, but no one’s responsibility” (Perkins, 1983). Today, hospitals still wrestle with the same problem of delivering inventory sterile, complete and on-time for surgery. Applied Logic recognizes that to create a permanent solution, all departments in the inventory processes need critical inventory information today to effectively solve tomorrow’s problems.

Who are Applied Logic’s customers?

From community hospitals to world-renowned Level 1 Trauma Centers, our customers are spread throughout the United States – from New York to Los Angeles. Over 52,000+ clinicians and SPD staff interact with our software daily; with 13 million surgical procedures performed annually and over 500+ hospitals relying on our technology to track, document and report on the patient experience. Our customers depend on our software & personalized support to effectively manage surgical inventory to address each hospital’s unique needs.

How can I learn more?

Applied Logic, Inc. • 11475 Olde Cabin Road, Ste. 100, Saint Louis, Missouri 63141