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that will connect your team to their inventory. Maestro™ ABACUS Technology™ initiates communication to bring OR/SPD teams together through direct messaging and auto-alerts. Achieve sustainable and immediate tray inventory solutions with Maestro™ ABACUS Technology™.

Maestro™ is the Future of OR/SPD

Maestro™ ABACUS Technology™ is the next evolution of inventory solutions and management from the ABACUS Technology™ product line. Featuring a more intuitive workflow layout, Maestro™ is the first tray tracking software to connect your Operating Room and Sterile Processing Department (OR/SPD) to their inventory through real-time mobile alerts and team communication.


First of its kind, the patent pending Nimbl™ is the only surgical inventory management mobile app developed to connect the Operating Room and Sterile Processing Department (OR/SPD) to their inventory through real-time notifications.

• Instant team communication - connecting the OR/SPD to their inventory for the first time
• Real-time mobile alerts notify key players on inventory activity, without running a report
• Actively solve tomorrow's issues today on the go

Maestro Messaging™

Maintains and documents communication from the SPD Manager to their staff

Maestro Banner™

Broadcasts custom hospital information and inventory updates to all Maestro™ users

Maestro™ Tablet

Maestro™ Tablet is your mobile solution for loaner management, storage areas and locating inventory on the go to enhance performance across your department.

• Built-in 2D Barcode Scanner
• 8MP Rear Camera
• 8 Hour Battery Life

SPD Liaison to OR Circulator, Assembly Tech to OR Management, when you are working to improve department communications and inventory management, Maestro™ can help you. Maestro™ initiates team communication through auto-alerts, direct messaging and real-time inventory data to ensure all staff and their teams are involved.

Exclusive Turn Key System: Hardware, Software, Support & Implementation


We take care of all the hardware heavy lifting.


Plain and simple, we do all the work.


We will keep the training wheels on until you are ready to fly.


24 hours a day, 365 days a year support for every team member.

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