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Maestro ABACUS Technology  is our straightforward web-based surgical tracking software that walks you through each stage of reprocessing for complete, sterile, and on-time instrument tray inventory.

The following services and support are included when you purchase Maestro :

Instrument and Tray Tracking

Maestro tracks and documents surgical assets and processes within the surgical supply chain.

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Scope Tracking

Our built-in endoscope management software documents and tracks endoscope warranties, repairs, historical data and more.

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Loaner Tracking

Our built-in loaner software tracks, documents, and communicates on loaner inventory in your CS/SPD.

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IBM Watson Analytics

When you team with Maestro powered by IBM Watson Analytics you receive predictive staff scheduling and authenticated hospital benchmarks based on your department’s productivity.

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Nimbl for iOS/Android, the industry's first mobile app, communicates Maestro generated inventory alerts connecting answers from key personnel.

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Maestro Priority

Maestro Priority auto-directs your team's tray assembly production based on the CS/SP Professional's permissions & skillset and Operating Room schedule.

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Dashboards provide you with an easy-to-read visual overview of what’s happening in your Central Service/Sterile Processing Department.

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Team Communication Suite

The Maestro Messaging and Maestro Banner communication suite ensure the necessary people and teams read, acknowledge, and act on real-time communication information.

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Standard + Custom Reporting

We provide you with 120+ CS/SPD-verified reports, custom reports made for you and more to meet your everyday demands.

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Unlimited Interface Compatibility

We interface with surgical scheduling systems, sterilizers, biological incubators, and more.

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24/7 Human-to-Human Support

We're here for you when you need us. Only a phone call away, even on the holidays.

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Remote Support Assistance

Remote Support Assistance gives you another layer of support, from remote desktop services to department data monitoring, you will not find this level of proactive CS/SPD support anywhere else.

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Annual On-Site Assessment

We provide annual hands-on assessments, refresher training for the department, and management one-on-one Q&A sessions.

Database Administration and Entry

Our data scientists work with you to collect, configure, and upload your inventory data based on industry best practices so that your information is the way you want it when you start with Maestro™.

Post Go Live Services

Sentinel Event Support

When the unthinkable happens, we will support you every step of the way. From instrument usage data to historical reprocessing activity, we gather the data you need immediately.

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Custom Webinars & Videos

We provide custom webinars and step-by-step videos to help you whether you're the teacher, student or both!

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Free Software Upgrades

MaestroTM is a web-based, software as a service application (SaaS). Meaning, our feature enhancements, software upgrades, and security checks are seamless and make it easy to keep your Central Service/Sterile Processing up-to-date.

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Dedicated Implementation Team

It takes a team to successfully implement and train a department. Which is why we're the only surgical tracking software to provide you with a:

  • Project Manager
  • IT Liaison
  • Data Analyst

On-Site Training

Our training team of CS/SP specialists work one-on-one with your department to acclimate everyone to your new Maestro™ system.

Personalized Department Assessment

We conduct a personalized department assessment to provide you with the software, services, and support right for your department.

Continuous Post Go-Live Support

Once you're up and running we're still working in the background to keep everything in check. Here are a few of the services we do for you:

  • Add and update count sheets
  • Global count sheet changes
  • Update staff entries and permissions
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Hardware Options 

Packaging CS/SPD-proven hardware with Maestro™ optimizes productivity and overall department workflow. With over 1,000 hardware installations across the country, we have seen departments increase workspace and decrease bacteria collecting equipment. Our humidity-friendly PCs, antimicrobial tablets, and wireless barcode readers help departments get the job done.

When you package Maestro™ with our hardware options, you have access to:

  • CS/SPD-proven touchscreen PCs
  • Maestro™ Tablet with a built-in 2D barcode scanner and HD camera
  • Wireless or tethered barcode readers

With the following hardware services and support provided:

  • Non-obsolescence guarantee
  • 24-hour repair and replacement
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We provide flexible pricing plans that meet hospital budgets.


"I love working with our clients because I feel as if they are part of my family. For a lot of current clients, I have been talking and assisting for years, we know each other on a first name basis. ”

Ricardo Padilla-Aguay, Certified Support Professional (CSP)

For over 20 years, Applied Logic’s innovations continue to make tray tracking technology easier.  From introducing the first touchscreen experience to Sterile Processing to the industry’s first and only mobile real-time alert app, Nimbl™ for iOS/Andriod. When you partner with Applied Logic you have the freedom to take the next step in the right direction.

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