Meet the Industry’s Only Surgical Inventory Mobile App

Nimbl for iOS/Android is the industry’s first and only surgical inventory mobile application that keeps you informed in real time of red flags associated with patient care.

Maestro users, from CS/SP Professional to Infection Preventionist, can download Nimbl and receive Maestro machine-generated alerts. 

Nimbl™ relies on Maestro to alert and communicate to you on:

  • Sterility
  • Loaners
  • Inventory
  • Staff

Stay Connected Wherever You Go

Real-Time Mobile Alerts

Nimbl provides expedited inventory information so you can immediately act on activity such as incomplete trays, positive BIs, and late loaners.

  • Did you know when a loaner tray is checked-in late using Maestro, Nimbl users will receive a real-time alert on their phone. Alert replies are viewed by all parties on the alert thread – keeping everyone informed and on the same page.

Save and Search

Do you spend time searching through emails or handwritten notes searching for that one thread of communication? Nimbl gives you the power to save pertinent alerts and communication threads so you can easily access info when you need it.

No more waiting around at morning huddles or monthly meetings to find that one email, start using Nimbl to save, search, and view department information at a moment’s notice. 


Loaner Tracking

Nimbl makes managing your loaners easy since our loaner software is built-in to our asset management software. Meaning, you don’t have to purchase ‘add-on’ software or other loaner systems in order to manage, track, and communicate with your loaners. 

Using Nimbl, you can easily stay informed on loaner activity from check-in to check-out and throughout reprocessing to patient use in surgery. Don’t miss out on powerful reporting capability, loaner policy compliance, and multiple communication channels available for your loaners with Nimbl.


You’ll Love Nimbl if you…

Manage On the Go
Whether you're behind the desk, in a meeting, or on the floor Nimbl keeps you connected to your department wherever you go.

Track Loaners
Real-time mobile alerts notify key players on inventory activity, without running a report.

Focus on Specialties
Nimbl users have the power to choose which alerts they want to receive. Even better, users can identify which specialties they receive alerts on.

Manage Multiple Hospitals
Do you oversee or communicate with multiple facilities, off-site processing centers, and/or sister hospitals? Nimbl makes it easy for you to communicate on specific inventory, loaners, staff, and more.

Nimbl is HIPAA-secure

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