Surgical Tracking Software with Brains

Maestro ABACUS Technology is our straightforward web-based surgical tracking software that walks you through each stage of reprocessing to achieve complete, sterile and on-time instrument tray inventory.

When you partner with Maestro you have the ability to:

  • Track instruments, trays, loaners, and scopes
  • Communicate in real time
  • Easily report on metrics that matter to you

What Makes Maestro™ Different?

Case-Driven Tray Assembly

Maestro Priority auto-directs your assembly team based on the most up-to-date surgical case schedule and CS/SP Professional permissions.  Synchronizing Maestro Priority to your CS/SPD assembly reprocesses instills confidence and provides focus to complete priority instrument and tray assembly needs on-time.

Team Communication Suite

Looking to increase productivity, limit case delays and improve overall communication channels throughout your CS/SPD and Perioperative?  With Maestro Messaging and Maestro Banner, tools within the communication suite, they ensure the necessary people and teams read, acknowledge, and act on real-time communication information.

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Remote Support Assistance

Our Remote Support Assistance works when you need it, whether you need another pair of eyes on-screen to verify a line item on the count sheet or you have a question about your department data. We can help through remote desktop services, customized monitoring of department data, and more. 

Learn More: Support

We believe in hands-on, human-designed software in order to make your life easier. Through client collaboration and innovation, Maestro creates a better way of working with reprocessed surgical assets, materials, and logistical data.

Maestro is All-In-One

Our web-based software surpasses the gold standard, offering you the complete system in order for you to track, analyze and understand what is truly going on in your department. Setting the pace in the decontamination area, our straightforward software walks you through each stage of reprocessing for complete, sterile, and on-time entry into the Operating Room Suite.

But we don’t stop at tracking your instruments and trays, you also receive all of the following services when you partner with Maestro:

Free Upgrades + Enhancements

Maestro is a web-based, software as a service application (SaaS).  Meaning, our feature enhancements, software upgrades, and security checks are seamless and make it easy to keep your Central Service/Sterile Processing up-to-date. 

  • Did you know our feature enhancements come straight from you: the Maestro user!  We work with our client's feature requests to incorporate them into releases and upgrades. 

Scope Management

Our built-in endoscope management software provides your GI Lab, Operating Room, and Central Service/Sterile Processing Department the ability to effectively process all endoscopes according to manufacturer's IFU, hospital protocols, and AAMI, AORN, IAHCSMM and SGNA recommendations and guidelines.

Loaner Tracking + Policy Management

Our built-in loaner software is an integral part of the Maestro system.  This is not an add-on, it is built into Maestro and is how the software tracks, documents, and communicates on all loaner inventory entering into your CS/SPD.  Maestrousers have the advantages of being able to:

  • Take pictures of loaners and upload images into the system for quality assurance and education for building sets.
  • Communicate with vendors on loaner arrivals and pick-up times through mobile alerts, emails, and team messaging services.
  • Access real-time data and reports on loaner arrivals, vendor compliance, and surgical case history.

Multi-Site Capability

Whether you are a single facility, an off-site reprocessing center or an entire health system we can help you standardize and capture data across all your facilities. When you partner with Maestro you can share instruments, trays, and staff.

Real Reporting

Using AAMI-compliant reporting metrics, you have access to 120+ CS/SPD-verified reports the moment you begin with Maestro. Plus, we’ll create the custom reports you need.

Our reporting provides you:

  • 120+ CS/SPD-verified reports
  • Custom report writing
  • Data Analyst 

Did you know we worked with one of our larger CS/SPDs on a department compliance project, focusing on barcoding compliance?  Beginning in their decontam, we discovered that only 2 out of every 3 trays reprocessed by CS/SPD were scanned in the decontam area; meaning they were not capturing 30% of their trays entering the decontamtam.  Working with this client, we walked through their reprocessing structure and identified other compliance breakpoints; reinforcing that the most influential tool CS/SPD has at their fingertips is their department data.

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