Frequently Asked Questions

What are your biggest differentiators?

Our three biggest differentiators are Maestro Priority™, Nimbl™ for iOS/Android, and our extensive department-data analytic work, which we teamed with IBM Watson Analytics™ to make even more user-friendly and answer packed.

Maestro Priority™ auto-directs your team's tray assembly production based on the CS/SP Professional's permissions & skillset and Operating Room schedule. Say goodbye to manual prioritization and remove the time-consuming burden of prioritizing and managing instruments and trays on your own and allow Maestro Priority™ to identify and work with the surgical case schedule, staff permissions, and quick turnaround/always priority settings to auto-direct your Assembly area.

Nimbl™ for iOS/Android is the industry’s first and only surgical inventory mobile application that keeps you informed in real time of red flags associated with patient care. Nimbl™ relies on Maestro™ to alert and communicate sterility, loaner, staff, and inventory issues in real time. You can communicate with key team members on each alert, making it easy to document the steps taken to fix the problem. Plus, you can easily save and search alerts to pull up historical activity at a moment's notice. Nimbl™ makes taking action on instruments and trays easy and helps bridge the communication gap across departments. Maestro™ users, from CS/SP Professional to Infection Preventionist, can download Nimbl™ and receive Maestro™ machine-generated alerts.

IBM Watson Analytics™ is a powerful tool we teamed with to help you understand and use your data to make daily decisions and help implement department policy changes. Combining the reporting power of Maestro™, Maestro™ Dashboards, and the advanced analytical and data visualization of IBM Watson Analytics™, you can predict staff scheduling, identify trends within your instrument productivity, and more.

24-hour Support is standard with most software services. What does your Support Team do differently?

We’re focused on providing you with proactive support and communication that enables you to keep reprocessing on the right path. From 24/7 phone and email support to custom one-on-one training webinars, our Remote Support Assistance is a standout service providing your CS/SPD with remote desktop services, customized monitoring of department data, and more. Plus, our Continuous Post Go-Live Support assists with count sheet changes, global database changes, and more to keep your department running smoothly.

What real-time features do you provide?

From machine-generated alerts to communication tools, our surgical tracking system is designed to provide you with real-time information wherever possible. Beginning in decontam, your techs can flag quick turnaround trays automatically updating you assembly priority schedule. Jump ahead to your assembly area, Maestro Priority™ is constantly updating your department’s priority schedule based on the surgical case schedule and instruments/trays entering into decontam (loaner drop-offs included). The Team Communication Suite tools communicate in real time ensuring the necessary people and teams read, acknowledge, and act on pertinent case and instrument information.

Plus, Nimbl™ for iOS/Android communicates Maestro™ machine-generated inventory alerts connecting answers from key personnel.

Is your software mobile?

Maestro™ is a web-based software which, like most surgical asset and sterile processing information systems on the market today, can be accessed by most devices.

But, there is a difference between web-based and mobile-based that can be easily confused without clarification. You can access a web URL on your smartphone, but that does not make it mobile-friendly.

When inquiring whether a software is mobile-friendly, a great way to ask in order to receive the most direct response is this, “Do you have a mobile app for your software?” Our mobile app, specifically developed for CS/SP Professionals and their Perioperative partners, is Nimbl™ for iOS/Android.

Will your web-based tracking surgical tracking software tell me what my staff is doing?

Yes. Besides sterility tracking, documenting, and reporting, one of the most important jobs your surgical asset management and sterile processing information systems should do is tell you what your staff is doing based on real-time department data and staff-specific drill-down reports.

Maestro™ not only tracks your staff members based on their individual production times and productivity, but you can easily report and see instrument and tray productivity.

I’m running into issues with my staff not processing priority instruments, will your software help fix this issue?

Yes. For the past 20 years, we’ve worked side-by-side with our CS/SP Supervisors testing what does and doesn’t work when it comes to priority management; that’s how Maestro Priority™ was born.

Maestro Priority™ drives tray assembly based on surgical case scheduling, syncing tray requirements and complexities with Sterile Processing tech permissions to complete the tray on-time, complete, and sterile. Think of Maestro Priority™ as your own personal assistant, consistently communicating your surgical case schedule to the Assembly team.

I manage multiple departments, how will your surgical tracking software keep me updated and communicating with my staff?

Whether you manage the OR and CS/SPD, or you manage CS/SPDs across multiple sites; we have features designed for you to better manage your departments. Our Multi-Site Capability enables you to see what’s happening across multiple sites, we also provide a mobile app that keeps you connected and communicating in real time. Nimbl™ for iOS/Android is the only surgical inventory mobile alert app to keep you connected on the go.

I am focused on instrument maintenance, patients, and infection prevention - how does your software help me cover all of the above?

Maestro™ is the key to recording sterilization, keeping track of instrument maintenance and scope warranties, and directing CS/SP Professionals to process priority inventory.

You can easily track surgical assets throughout their reprocessing cycle with Maestro™. For example, Decontam and Washer stations document cleaning has occurred; Assembly stations document assemblers have taken care to mark missing instruments or taken instruments out for repair; Sterilization stations collect regulatory information on sterilizer methods and parameters, and Case Cart tracks instrument trays used on specific patients.

And to ensure instruments are taken out on-time for refurbishment, our repair scheduler alerts staff as to when surgical assets are ready to be refurbished. In addition, the repair scheduler report shows when instrument trays are coming due or past due in their refurbishing cycle.

Incomplete and unsterile are my biggest headaches, how can your software help me reduce these issues?

Maestro™ tracks the readiness of trays through Decontam, Assembly, Sterilizer, and Case Cart. Having complete, sterile, and on-time instruments is what we do. Anytime an unsterile instrument/set is sent out of CS/SPD or assigned to a case, Maestro™ warns users if that inventory does not have an electronic record of sterilization.

At the same time, Nimbl™ sends an alert to your phone so you know the moment it happens. The same applies to incomplete trays assembled, but here you also have the ability to mark instrumentation as Critical so the tray cannot be processed without the instrument. Actions taken within Maestro™ are easily visible through reports and Dashboards helping you identify roadblocks and usage trends to reduce incomplete and unsterile instruments leaving your department.

Can I track individual instruments with your system?

Yes, you can track individual instruments and a multitude of other items within Maestro™.

Can I track peel packs with your system?

Yes, Maestro™ includes several features dedicated to making peel pack assembly easy, which benefits you when pulling reports and identifying peel packs within your department productivity data.

Can I track my endoscopes with your system?

Yes, our built-in endoscope management software documents and tracks endoscope warranties, repairs, historical data and more.

Can I interface with your system?

Yes, we provide unlimited interface compatibility.

Tracking loaners is a big deal to me and my department - how will your system help our loaner processes and policies?

Our built-in loaner software gives you the ability to track, document, locate, and communicate on all loaner inventory entering your CS/SPD. But besides the loaner basics, you can also take pictures of loaners and upload the images into the system for quality assurance and education for building sets. You can also communicate with key members on loaner arrivals and pick-up times through mobile alerts, emails, and team messaging services; as well as access real-time data and reports on loaner arrivals, vendor compliance, and surgical case history.

Can I take and upload my own photos into your surgical tracking software?

Yes. Additionally, we’ve worked to gather and provide the largest instrument image library in our market.

How will your surgical tracking system help my Central Service/Sterile Processing Department succeed?

Every department is different, and so is the definition of their department’s success. But with Maestro™ you have the ability to be in multiple places at once and confidently know what is going on in your department. From Maestro Priority™ to Nimbl™, our product portfolio provides freedom from being tied down to a desk or computer. Given the increased demand of mobility and having to be everywhere at once, Maestro™ provides reliable communication, customized mobile alerts, and productivity reports to ensure the right things are getting done on time and by the qualified people.

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