Join us for the session: “Can We Talk?” Strategies & Communication

We are excited to sponsor the “Can We Talk?” Strategies & Communication session Monday, May 8th at 10:45 AM at the IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo. Learn how to proactively collaborate with the entire surgical team from the excellent, Sharon Greene-Golden from Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center who will facilitate the session.

Full session description:

In this session, we will share how to collaborate with the whole surgical team, while striking down sacred cows and misconceptions. We also will
learn ways to make facilitate effective teamwork. This program can help new managers, as well as seasoned ones, to work with their team
members in the surgical suite, while maintaining their sanity. This is a real down to earth session on promoting an environment where the SPD, OR,
ICP, Anes and PACU all get along. This session will also embrace some truths about what each team member is responsible for when dealing with
one another. Objectives: Explain who comprises the surgical team; explain some perceptions the team members may have of the CS/SPD team; and
share strategies on communication and collaboration techniques for the surgical team.

Speaker description:

Sharon Greene-Golden, CRCST, FCS
Shady Grove Medical Center
Rockville, MD
President - Foundation Board of Directors

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