Break Down the Barriers

Have you ever felt out of the loop on something going on in your own department?

We know that miscommunication not only causes headaches, but it also affects your tray completions, loaner sets, peel packs – the list goes on.

Our patent pending Maestro™ ABACUS Technology™ is your game-changing solution for breaking down the barriers of communication between your Operating Room and Central Sterile Processing Departments. Through direct messaging, mobile alerts, and the first broadcast banner to display on inventory management software – team communication has never been easier.

Maestro™ Messaging takes direct messaging to a whole new level. You now have the ability to electronically maintain and document communication between you and your staff. So instead of reminding Monica that Dr. Lucia’s Total Hip Set needs to have the Slider Hammer in the set before sending – you simply send her a direct message and track when she acknowledges and responds.

Our mobile application alerts you in real-time when inventory actions take place in the system. But not only does it send an alert to you, it keeps all the key players up-to-date on inventory activity, without running a report. That means you can communicate to team members whenever and wherever you are with real-time inventory action and data.

And for the cherry on top, we're proud to introduce the Maestro™ Banner for you to broadcast information department-wide. Instead of posting notes across your department, you simply type the update and publish it for all users of the patent pending Maestro™ to see and acknowledge. Now you have greater control of informing and educating your department on inventory updates, priorities for the day, new processes, work anniversaries and everything in between.

Break down the barriers of miscommunication with our patent pending Maestro™ ABACUS Technology™ and see how you can achieve complete, sterile, and on-time with your inventory today.

How do you communicate with your team?

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