How to Start the Conversation

Starting a conversation is hard. Tracking your inventory is easy.

As the nation’s leading inventory management system, we’ve discovered that the conversations going on within your department are centered on your silent teammate – your inventory.

Your inventory is making the most noise though, from incomplete trays to sterilizer mismatches and so much more. Luckily, we have a new patent pending technology, MaestroTM, that bridges the gap of communication from your CSPD to your Operating Room based on your inventory actions.

Instead of getting a phone call with the other end asking why Dr. Blend’s Robotic Tray was missing the handpiece again, for the 2nd time this month, you would have already solved that issue before it was ever sent to the OR.


Simple – your inventory communicated with you in real-time and you took action. With MaestroTM you are in control of your inventory and your team, even when you're away from the floor.

So when Dr. Blend’s Robotic Tray is assembled incomplete again, you are alerted the moment it happens on your mobile device. From that alert, you can reply in real-time to key players that can help solve the issue today.

Start the conversation today with your inventory and see how opening your communication channels can bring in more solutions than ever before.

How do you use problem-solving, solution-driven ideas to solve issues?

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